The AdVantage System

The AdVantage System is a web-based software that manages your listing’s ad content in an easy way that is fast and accurate.

The System not only manages data, but understands how prospective home buyers read and react to real estate advertising. Our time and cost saving services are unmatched in the industry.

Need someone to build the ads for you? Check out our ad building services.

The AdVantage System is ideally suited for offices, brokers and publishers with a large amount of data. Single agents, or smaller offices, please check out The Re/Ad System software.


  • Save Time & Money: The AdVantage System is your brokerage’s one-stop warehouse for all the parts you need to build compelling real estate ads that will produce phone calls and e-mails to your agents. 
  • Fits the needs of your brokerage: The AdVantage System is scalable and customizable; grows with your business from single office to national real estate brokerages. 
  • Writes the listing description for you: The AdVantage System has a built-in natural language engine that writes compelling descriptions in English and Spanish. Make every listing different and engaging. 
  • Prepare ads for last-minute publication: The AdVantage System has built-in scheduling and ad tracking to ensure you optimize each ad spot without letting listings get stale or advertising a property that has gone off-market. 
  • Flow the ad data to composition: The AdVantage System allows you to export/flow the listing data including high-resolution photos, agent headshot, contact info, and AdCopy listing description directly to page composition. AdWriter, Inc. has an in-house staff that quickly provides you with pre-press proofs of your advertising campaigns, brochures, booklets and other publications. 

The AdVantage welcome screen allows you to post messages to all your users about advertising schedules as well as resources from AdWriter. Web-based user training is always part of the AdWriter service.

The Listing System is the place to see all your imported MLS data and is also the place where you can upload high-resolution photos for each listing (needed for quality advertising). Listing inventory can be sorted and we offer many report options. 

The MLS listing data is automatically imported into AdVantage. Data can be changed at the last minute without waiting for MLS updates. Listings can be manually added and stored directly into AdVantage. 

The MLS data is combined with AdWriter special feature codes which allow the AdCopy module to automatically generate interesting and compelling property descriptions for your ads. Over 200 features not found in your MLS help differentiate each listing. AdCopy formats are constrained to fit exactly into each publication’s allotted space. 

Powerful ad scheduling module lets you down-select which listings go into each publication issue. Built-in ad tracking reports let you determine which listings need to be advertised more frequently or which listings need a price reduction to move to “sold”. 

The AdVantage System from AdWriter is unique with two built-in databases not found in any other system. Here, you keep all of the listing high-resolution photos under one roof. No more searching on other systems. AdVantage also maintains a complete agent database including headshot, contact info, credentials, and bio; all of which are important in your ads. 

Once your listings have been “Marked Open” and scheduled for a publication issue, you can run several reports before your advertisement goes to pre-press composition. One of these reports in the Scheduling System provides a listing by agent of each of their upcoming listings that has been scheduled to be advertised. 

Additionally, the high-resolution summary report in Scheduling is a good tool to give you an idea of what the final ad layout will contain in draft form. 

The final module in the AdVantage System is AdTrak. Click on the AdTrak tab to see which listings have been scheduled to be run in publication issues. 

This is where you can track the number of times a listing has been published in advertisements, and when action may be required to refresh the listing (e.g. lower the listing price, change the AdCopy description, change-out the listing photograph).