Q. Does AdWriter use my MLS data?

A. Definitely. We establish a feed with your regional MLS board(s) to import your listing data seamlessly on a daily basis

Q. Do you write my ads for me?

A. Yes. AdWriter’s built-in AdWrite module takes your MLS data plus the additional features available on our property to automatically create compelling descriptions based on specific character count limits to fit into your advertisements.

Q. Do you host my high-resolution photos?

A. Yes. AdWriter is the one-stop system that keeps all your high-quality listing pictures in one place. Any photo that is added to our software is never touched and remains the same quality as the original.

Q. Can I change information even if MLS isn’t updated?

A. Yes. If you have a last-minute price change, or want to tweak the listing description, you can do all that inside the AdVantage system without waiting for the MLS data to be updated. The AdVantage system also maintains a number of custom data fields that help you track specifics that can’t be done in the MLS.

Q. Is AdVantage secure?

A. Yes. The AdVantage system is a secure (HTTPS) online web-based service. Each user is registered with strong authentication and each user’s permissions within our software are in your control .

Q. I’m a small regional newspaper; can I use AdWriter?

A. Yes. AdWriter’s systems include a standalone application (Re/Ad) for manually tracking property listings in addition to our flagship AdVantage System. AdWriter is a scalable solution for news media publishers as well as for brokerages.

Q. How does your system create PDF advertisement documents?

A. The AdVantage system outputs property data from the scheduled listings along with high-resolution listing and agent photos, as well as auto-generated ad copy. This data flows directly into PDF page composition software (Adobe InDesign). AdWriter has a dedicated in-house staff that produces high-quality composed pages with a secure online proofing site for any last-second changes.

Q. Can you print my PDF documents for me?

A. Definitely. AdWriter has in-house short-run digital printing. We will then drop-ship the printed pieces directly to your office. Saves you the time of traveling to/from a local quick printer.

Q. How do I schedule which listings I want to advertise?

A. Once your listings are imported into the AdVantage software, you can choose which listings you want to schedule for each publication. You may sort your listing inventory by recent additions, by price, or by location. You may establish a listing quota for each publication. The system tracks the number of times a listing has been advertised by each publication and Issue.

Q. What else does AdWriter do?

A. AdWriter has been in in the real estate listing management and advertising business for over 30 years. In the age of online digital advertising, AdWriter can address your needs for digital real estate marketing. Please give us a call to discuss your needs.