Many people in the real estate industry today believe that everything is being done online and that there is no need for print media. Granted, much of the buyer searching process is done online with search filters, etc.

BUT, a brokerage and the agents need to develop their own brand name so that they are recognized “top-of-mind” go-to decisions by potential buyers.

The following article appeared in Editor & Publisher magazine discussing the facts about online vs print advertising for real estate.

From the full article in E&P comes this quote:

“…..But print ads do still serve a purpose, according to Rodolfo Schwanz, former digital and print classified advertising director at the Napa Valley Register in Napa, Calif. Schwanz now serves as digital sales director for Amplified Digital. He pointed out that print ads help build a brand and adds name recognition for real estate firms and agents.

“The brokers still use the traditional print media more as a branding tool,” he  explained. “Most still feel the need to see their listings in print. The sellers always have the pressure on the agents and brokers to have their listings in print.”…….”