I found this quote to be extraordinary…and it somewhat shocked me.

I’ve long thought that video’s failure was due to focusing on the wrong thing. Real estate videos have primarily focused on features, not benefits. For listing videos and home tours, it’s usually a litany of features. Rarely is it about what it means to live in the home. Even the videos that we know will typically attract the most traffic – neighborhood video tours and neighborhood information videos, those hyperlocal gems – don’t focus on the benefits, but show feature after feature.

ref: “The Best Inman Connect Moments” from Kevin Hawkins on July 22, 2018 (http://waves.wavgroup.com/2018/07/22/the-best-inman-connect-moments/)

The AdVantage system has a field that is designated to link a listing to its virtual reality or video walk-through. That video can be hosted on the broker’s site or on any number of video libraries.

The AdVantage system automatically generates the advertised listing description from the MLS feature codes. But, video is a very powerful medium to use beyond words.

The text of our AdCopy listing description is a powerful tool to add a voice-over to the video you create.

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